URLs and Resources for ColdFusion 8 Certification

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I got couple of mails from UG members as well as CF newbie’s regarding coldfusion 8 certification. They asked about certification resources, online registration etc. Here some of the URLs,
Adobe certification main page URL:
Available certification exams:
You can find your exam syllabus (Adobe called this as prep guide :) )  with 10 model questions
You can schedule your exam online in pearson website,           
Live docs is the best resource to prepare,
As per other CF bloggers, Centersoft coldfusion 8 exam buster is one of the best available resources for cf 8 certification. I haven't tried this. But I hope it will help you.
Did I miss any important URL related to CF 8 certification exam? I welcome additions from you all.

4 responses to “URLs and Resources for ColdFusion 8 Certification ”

  1. shariff
    shariff Says:
    Hi Saravan,iam planning to write the certification and thanks for sharing the info..
  2. Akash Bavlecha
    Akash Bavlecha Says:
    Thanks for sharing the resources. I'm planning to complete my CF8 certification this month.

    Please suggest me if i need to do more study other than this.
  3. Exam results
    Exam results Says:
    I was looking for cold fusion certification on google when I landed on this page thanks for the information I think cold fusion has future
  4. Anita Mills
    Anita Mills Says:
    Thanks for this nice article. I would love to receive the material which would help me to prepare for the exam. All the best for all the aspirants.

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