update facebook status using email without Graph API

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Facebook Graph API is nightmare for lot of guys(including me). I want to update my own Facebook status without using any Graph API authorization & authentication process. Is it possible? I searched a lot & couldn't find any ways to do that in super simple method. By accident, while I am checking mobile version of famous websites, I found a facebook url "http://www.facebook.com/mobile/" which opened a magical door to update facebook status message without doing any Graph API interaction. Actual facebook mobile url is, "http://m.facebook.com/".

Once you logged in to your facebook account, go to "http://www.facebook.com/mobile/" page, you can get personalized email account for your Facebook login. Using that email ID. Using this personalized email, you can post status updates or send photos and videos straight to your facebook profile. It is too simple.

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  1. Jeff Gladnick
    Jeff Gladnick Says:
    Two things:

    1) I'm giving a talk on this at cfobjective: http://www.cfobjective.com/index.cfm/sessions/using-oauth-to-integrate-cf-with-facebooktwitter/

    2) The facebook graph CFC on riaforge solves a lot of this problem for you:

    Give that a shot!
  2. ugekdRfzLO
    ugekdRfzLO Says:

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