ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 public beta released

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ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 public-beta realeased in Adobe labs web site, Grab your copy from below URL,

ColdFusion 10 Beta

Bangalore CFUG Meeting: Intro to ColdFusion Zeus on Feb 28

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update facebook status using email without Graph API

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Facebook Graph API is nightmare for lot of guys(including me). I want to update my own Facebook status without using any Graph API authorization & authentication process. Is it possible? I searched a lot & couldn't find any ways to do that in super simple method. By accident, while I am checking mobile version of famous websites, I found a facebook url "" which opened a magical door to update facebook status message without doing any Graph API interaction. Actual facebook mobile url is, "".

Once you logged in to your facebook account, go to "" page, you can get personalized email account for your Facebook login. Using that email ID. Using this personalized email, you can post status updates or send photos and videos straight to your facebook profile. It is too simple.

My small OSS contribution - ColdFusion wrapper CFC for Google Blogger API

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Whenever I need to integrate any third party API in my ColdFusion projects, the first thing I will go to RIAForge & I can find wrapper CFCs. RIAForge is open source hosting site for Adobe technologies. But unfortunately there was no wrapper CFC for Google blogger API while I need to integrate blogger API in one of my project. So I created ColdFusion wrapper CFC for Google Blogger API service, for my project. I thought, If I post this in RIAForge, it may help someone. So I have posted it as open source in RiaForge as well as in github. In this CFC, Google authentication code and few API call syntax are taken from & Thanks a lot to Ray(ColdFusion Jedi).

Using this wrapper CFC, you can do following tasks,
    Get your blog list
    Get list of all posts for a blog
    Create a new or drafted post
    Update a post
    Delete a post
    Get list of all comments for a blog post
    Add a comment to a blog post
    Delete a comment in a post

In future, I will add cfscript based version of bloggerCFC for cfscript fan boys. If you have any issues or need any enhancements on this CFC, please enter it in RiaForge issue tracker.

ColdFusion Builder 2 and Flash Builder 4.5 released

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Adobe released  ColdFusion Builder 2 & Flash builder 4.5. You can download 60 days trail version of from here. After your 60 days trial period, CFB 2.0 will moved to free express edition. It will not have all features as Professional version.

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