My small OSS contribution - ColdFusion wrapper CFC for Google Blogger API

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Whenever I need to integrate any third party API in my ColdFusion projects, the first thing I will go to RIAForge & I can find wrapper CFCs. RIAForge is open source hosting site for Adobe technologies. But unfortunately there was no wrapper CFC for Google blogger API while I need to integrate blogger API in one of my project. So I created ColdFusion wrapper CFC for Google Blogger API service, for my project. I thought, If I post this in RIAForge, it may help someone. So I have posted it as open source in RiaForge as well as in github. In this CFC, Google authentication code and few API call syntax are taken from & Thanks a lot to Ray(ColdFusion Jedi).

Using this wrapper CFC, you can do following tasks,
    Get your blog list
    Get list of all posts for a blog
    Create a new or drafted post
    Update a post
    Delete a post
    Get list of all comments for a blog post
    Add a comment to a blog post
    Delete a comment in a post

In future, I will add cfscript based version of bloggerCFC for cfscript fan boys. If you have any issues or need any enhancements on this CFC, please enter it in RiaForge issue tracker.

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