Adobe Certified Expert on Adobe ColdFusion 8

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I am happily announcing to every one, today I finished ACE coldfusion 8 certification examination. Now I am an Adobe certified expert on coldfusion 8. :)

ACE - Adobe Certified Expert - Coldfusion 8

In my CF 7 certification, Ben forta helped me through his book Macromedia ColdFusion MX7 Certified Developer Study Guide. This time he didn't show me any grace. ;)  But Adobe live docs gave me helping hands. Adobe live docs is invaluable resource to prepare for any Adobe certification exam.

Posted By : ACE - Coldfusion 8 from India. :) ha ha

Update: I got printer quality soft copy of my certifications in PDF format. wOOt

ACE CF 8  Certified - PDF

7 responses to “Adobe Certified Expert on Adobe ColdFusion 8”

  1. Andy Hudson
    Andy Hudson Says:
    Hi, Congratulations, I passed my CF8 test today! Just a question, did you have any problems logging into the Adobe Certified Community page? I've put my candidate ID in and all other details and it tells me it doesn't know me! I want my certificate too!
  2. CF Mitrah
    CF Mitrah Says:
    Thanks a lot @Andy. welcome you to the CF 8 Certified Community. No, I never had problem in register as well as in logging into the Adobe Certified Community website.
  3. Daniel Cournoyer
    Daniel Cournoyer Says:
    I just got my CF 8 certification too! Geez, it was more than 5 years since my last certification (I have a CF 5 certification).

    By the way, me too I'm having issue creating my account on the Adobe Certified Community page. I suspect an issue with Pearson Vue sending the score.
  4. shariff
    shariff Says:
    hi saravan congratulations...
  5. sameer
    sameer Says:
  6. Akash Bavlecha
    Akash Bavlecha Says:
    Hi Saravan,

    Today i passed my CF8 certification through Pearson VUE. I got my scorecard but it says my adobe Id is pending.

    Have u experienced such thing?
  7. Anay
    Anay Says:
    Hi, I have cleared the ACE around Nov 2010. However, I am still waiting for the certificate. Can you please let me know how to followup for this issue?

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